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The most complete and functional software to win the Maltese Lotto & Super 5 with ease!

Maltese Lotto & Super5 Archive Manager:

from 1923 to today, with entry, control, change, and draw printout functions.





  • Statistical Researches:

    on all conditional and complete systems with the chance to identify the number of combinations developed for each single condition in the system (Symmetries, Parallels, Number intervals, Total, Evens, Odds, Consecutives, Groups of numbers etc.), or in the archive of past winning Lotto or Super5 combinations.

    This function is particularly important when you want to reduce a system without compromising its statistical value.

    Researches on all traditional parameters of system-conditioning: Symmetries, Parallels, Number intervals, Total, Evens, Odds, Consecutive steps from 1 to 9, Group of numbers etc.

    Statistical Research on Rare or Frequent numbers displaying the number of combinations developed and the relative percentage of probability.

    Statistical Research by Rare or frequency of all possible groups of Primas, Ambos or terns with 90 numbers (Lotto draw history) - (42 numbers for superfive history).

    Research of Series of personal numbers by Rare and/or Frequency of Lotto and/or Super5 groups in Prima, Ambo, Terno, Quaterno, or Super5.






   Lotto & Super5 Systems Manager for up to 90



    (in combinations of 2,3,4 and 5 numbers 'Super5'): any complete, conditional or

    reduced (n-1, n-2, n-3) lotto & Super5 system can be worked out with the most

    disparate conditions: Even numbers, Odd numbers, Number intervals, Symmetries,

    Parallels, Remainders, Total intervals, Consecutive steps from 1 to 9, Groups of

    conditional numbers And/Link etc.  






     General Recovery of conditions

    System analysis

      In order to find out all the system-conditionings and the number of

     combinations worked out for each of them.


    Analysis of wins:  2;  3;  4;  5 (Super5/42)





       Self-reduction of lottery system:

           with guaranteed points 4,3 or 2 with 5, 4, 3 winning numbers.




Random Systems







     Utility section

          To delete System, Transfer, Duplication and Rename of system.





          Electronic transformation of dreams into numbers using the ancient cabalistic

          alphabet key.



          Printout of System: on Video, Printer,  with all Windows inkjet printers.





·   Color graphics


Online Guide and Manual  (with instruction manual included in the software)




Min. Pc Pentium II (Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / ME / NT) - Ram 32 Mb  H.D. Min. 20 Mb Free Space





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Download Archives



           Download the archive  into a   folder  on  your  Hard Disk, then click with the left mouse

           button on the file 'drawmalo.exe', follow instructions on screen and confirm the file

           substitution messages.


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