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The Intelligent Software that Makes Winning SOCCER BETS

  Extremely Easy!!

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Championship  Archive Management


With the facility of managing championships  in archives or creating new future championships for the Italian Leagues (A, B, C1a, C1b, C2a, C2b, C2c) and the top divisions of other European leagues: Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and England (Premier League, Div. 1^, 2^, 3^).

The updated archive already contains Half-Time and Full-Time scores of  championship games (Italian and Foreign).




  Free updating of Championship

  archives,  and online too !

  (Via the Internet)!!



Best Probabilities calculated for each Event

With this function, punters can make statistical forecasts for SOCCER BETS on the Italian Leagues  (Serie A, B, C1a, C1b, C2a, C2b, C2c), and on the top divisions of other European leagues: France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and England (P.L., Div. 1^, 2^, 3^), with the exceptional facility of analyzing ALL THE CHAMPIONSHIPS AT THE SAME TIME and singling out the best outcomes on which to bet, from all the matches of the various Championships.








Using a sophisticated algorithm, the software analyzes the results of Championship games stored in the archive  and compares the teams due to play in each fixture; at this point, the punter will be able (thanks to a sophisticated ordering of the probabilities  offered for each type of outcome), to make an automatic selection of the best probabilities for the various possible outcomes in each match:


 .  Home win, draw, away win (1,x,2)  

    Half Time & Full Time

 .  Double Chance (1X,  12,  X2)

 .  Result Half time and full time (1x2)

 .  Total goals in match

     (0-1, 2, 2-3, 3+, 4-6, 7+)

 .  Total goals  (Under/Over)

 .  Goal / No goal

 .  GG/NG

 .  Exact result (45° / 90°)




 Example of how probabilities (1X) are ordered in
 Double Chances:

 The Program  automatically  generates the best

 percentage values for each type of bet,  indicating the

 statistical likelihood by assigning two distinct levels of

 reliability: Excellent (in red)  and Good (in blue).




Multiple Bets


Integral Systems

Having viewed the best probabilities, all the punter has to do is click on the outcome to select it, and insert the odds.In addition to single bets, in fact,  the program offers the facility of developing multiples (up to 20.000 bets generated), when selecting outcomes for a given match, so as to provide an immediate display of all the permutations given by the multiple selections entered, as well as showing the Maximum and Minimum profit that can be made out of all the bets generated by the selection, according to the size of the stake.






     Example: Selecting 2 outcomes in the first match,

     2  outcomes  in the   second  and 1 outcome in the

     third, 4 bets will be generated: given that 2x2x1 = 4







Error Correction Systems  (Filtered Bets - And/Link /Tlink Filters)

Reduction of the overall permutations generated, by applying error correction to the selected bets: (And/Link and Tlink Filters).


Example: Selecting 2 outcomes in the first match, and 2 outcomes in the second match, 4 bets will be generated: given that 2 x 2 = 4.


These permutations can be reduced by applying a Filter.



 For example, imposing a parameter bet on the 4

 generated,   we can  ask  the program  to  select 

 only  those that score 0 or 1 parameter points.


 It is possible to  enter up to  1,000  Filter bets, 

 requesting  parameterization and consecutive

 progression, and ask for LINK verification, in other

 words the number of And filters that  must  be

 present in each Link ,as well as the total number of

 Links that must be present in the totals entered




      In  this  example,  accordingly,   there will

      be  just  3  valid bets  developed  from the 4



Stabilize Profit


An ingenious investment function employing a sophisticated algorithm which, once a personal integral or filtered betting system has been generated, allows the punter to verify the percentage of overall returns and balance the stakes for each bet so as to obtain a constant profit.

Consequently, even bets that would have led to a negative return across the permutations, once generated, can be made POSITIVE (as return) when possible. Stakes can also be stabilized in multiples of 3, as required by certain Bookmakers.


Example: On a development of 8 integral bets


  Following development of the permutations

  (minimum profit:  - 23,87%)





   After stabilization of the same Bets:  

   (Minimum profit: +46,21 %)




Save Bet and Check Winnings


The Program also offers the facility of carrying out a detailed Winnings Check by saving the selection for each bet and allowing the punter, at leisure   to check the result (in the details of all the bets generated by the system); with the calculation of partial and total winnings, as well as the facility of recalling a stored bet so as to make adjustments to it or simply check it.




Print forms: Probabilities and Bets


This function allows the punter to print the ‘Betting’ form  with all the detailed summaries and with all the permutations if desired, in the case of multiple bets, as well as the summary of potential winnings.


This function is particularly useful in assisting the compilation of bets by the bookmaker. All the punter need do is print out the list, showing all the bets  described in detail, and send or hand it to the bookmaker.


It is also possible to generate a printout directly, showing the best statistical probabilities indicated for the various kinds of bets, arranged in accordance with    personal preference.









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